The "Ultimate"
Audience Participation Script

Shock Treatment

Copyright 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 by Donny O'Bryan and Kansas City's Regular Frankie Fan Club

    Toast (during Bitchin' In The Kitchen)
    Wadded Up Paper (trash) (during Bitchin' In The Kitchen)
    Waterguns (squirted, during Janet's shower scene, as well as in Bitchin' In The Kitchen shower)
    12 ping pong balls per audience member (during Duel Duet)

    Shout lines are entered as such: (SHOUT: "...")
    If you were to shout a line over another word or sentence, matching each syllables, you'll see: (ECHO: "...")
    If you were to shout a line over a song lyric or dialogue in the film, without matching syllables, you'll see: (SHOUT OVER: "..."). This usually refers to shouting over the character's dialog mentioned before you see SHOUT OVER, because there isn't enough room to shout it when their done talking.
    If there are various lines you can shout, the word "or" would be placed between the shouts.
Shout lines that respond to other shout lines will follow each other with the word "then" in between: (SHOUT: "...") then (SHOUT: "...")
    Sometimes shout lines should be sung, in the style of a particular song: (SHOUT/sing: "...")
    There are times to throw props, as well as run to the screen for a quick screen gag. This will written as: (AP:...) The AP, of course, means audience participation.
    It is common to see shout lines with a fill in the blank part. This is a good spot to fill that blank with the name of a regular fan at Rocky Horror from your group, with their permission, of course (hee hee).
    From time to time, you may see this: (NOTE:...). This means there's some important information to help you out here that I will interrupt and supply you with.
    And one final note:  In compiling all the shout lines, there are times when two shout lines are similar. For example, one cast may shout "Look, there's a bloody glove in OJ's yard!" whereas another cast may shout "Look, there's OJ's bloody glove!" Both may be funny in their circle of friends, and neither one is better than the other. In this Ultimate ST Audience Participation Script, I have selected only one of the many ways to shout each callback. When shouting them in your theater, word each line however you see fit. Have fun.

If you have any lines to add or modify, feel free to email KENNY or Donny

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THE ENTIRE SCRIPT -- Quite long!
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FIRST HALF -- Opening to the end of "Little Black Dress"
SECOND HALF -- "Me Of Me" to the end of the film

FIRST QUARTER -- Opening to the end of "In My Own Way"
SECOND QUARTER -- Janet & Mom's 1st scene to the end of "Little Black Dress"
THIRD QUARTER -- "Me Of Me" to start of "Look What I Did To My ID"
FOURTH QUARTER -- "Look What I Did To My ID" to the end of movie.

1 -- Opening / "Overture"
2 -- "Denton USA"
3 -- Denton Dossier / Macy's Comercial / Bert's Intro / Marriage Maze
4 -- "Bitchin' In The Kitchen"
5 -- Admitting Brad / 30 Second Quiz / New Sponser
6 -- "In My Own Way"
7 -- Happy Homes
8 -- "Thank God I'm A Man"
9 -- Offices & Dinner Tables
10 -- "Farley's Song"
11 -- Preparing For Bed
12 -- "Lullaby"
13 -- Morning
14 -- "Little Black Dress"
15 -- Preparing For The Morning Show
16 -- "Me Of Me"
17 -- Dentonvale / Crowd Pleaser
18 -- "Shock Treatment"
19 -- Frankie / "Carte Blanche" / Hallucinations
20 -- "Looking For Trade"
21 -- You've Got Guests / Betty & Ollie's New Wardrobe
22 -- "Look What I Did To My ID"
23 -- Janet's Transformation / Betty's Discovery / The Band's Introduction
24 -- "Breaking Out"
25 -- Farley's Interview / Faith Factory Show
26 -- "Duel Duet"
27 -- Faith Show Finale
28 -- "Anyhow Anyhow"
29 -- End Credits