The "Ultimate"
Audience Participation Script
For Shock Treatment

Scene 12: Lullaby

(Song - "Lullaby")

(The camera moves from Janet's bathroom, to the next room, where we see Ricky laying in bed,reading the script.)

                  (SHOUT: "Okay, it says I'm supposed to lay here.")

(The camera moves on to the next room where Janet enters, and slips off her robe)

                  (SHOUT: "Leave it on! Leave it on!")

(The camera continues to move to the next room, where we see Bert sitting on his bed)

                  (SHOUT: "Go to sleep, Bird Shit!")

(Finally the camera stops at Cosmo & Nation's bedroom.)

Nation: I feel the heat from your skin

          And the stubble on your chin

          You're no good.

                  (ECHO: "You need a shave") and/or

                   (SHOUT: "How is she in bed?")

Cosmo: You're no good.

Nation: You've got dirt

                  (ECHO: "Poop")

          on your hands

                  (SHOUT: "Hey Cosmo, smell her pussy")

(Cosmo places his nose on her lower leg, and then her knee)

                  (SHOUT: "...closer...")

          And everybody

(Cosmo's nose moves to her upper leg)

                  (SHOUT: "That's it...")


          You're no good

                  (SHOUT OVER: "Now, how does it smell?")

Cosmo: Uuuh, You're no good.

                  (SHOUT: "She's spoiled - she's spoiled rotten!")

                   (SHOUT: "She's past her expiration date")

Nation: Oh what a joke

                  (SHOUT: "What?")

Cosmo: What a joke

                  (SHOUT: "Oh")

Nation: You feel like choking

                  (SHOUT: "Your chicken")

          You play for broke

                  (SHOUT: "What?")

Cosmo: You play for broke

                  (SHOUT: "Oh")

Nation: He'll leave you smoking

                  (SHOUT: "Sssssmokin'.")

Cosmo: Oh, romance is not a children's game.

                  (SHOUT: "Tell that to Woody Allen") or

                   (SHOUT: "Tell that to Jerry Seinfeld") or

                   (SHOUT: "Swallow the leader")

Nation: But you keep going back

          Its driving you insane.

                  (ECHO: "Driving Miss Daisy")

(Camera goes past Bert's window, where he still sits on his bed.)

                  (SHOUT: "Go to sleep Bird Shit!") or

                   (SHOUT: as we see Bert, "Ladies and Gentlemen, our very own, Bert Schnick!" - pause - "Nice job, Bert")

(Camera goes to Janet's window)

                  (SHOUT: "Hey Janet, say something we don't understand")

Janet: Drift into the treacle deep

                  (SHOUT: "What?")

          Slip into its silent depths

                  (SHOUT: "Oh")

(Phantom whisper): Go to sleep

                  (SHOUT: "For one night only, it's The Silhouettes")

(She turns the light out)

Janet: With your every thane akimbo

          Float into the sandman's limbo.

(Camera shifts to Ansalong and Ricky. Ricky is taking pictures of Ansalong in her teddy)

                  (SHOUT: "And this one's for my dad.")

(The polaroid camera flashes as a photo pops out)

                  (SHOUT: "And the next one's for my mom.")

Ansalong: Night night.

Ricky: Night night.

Ansalong: Its time for bye bye

                  (SHOUT: "Gwen Stefani")

          Its been a great day, thanks a heap.

                  (SHOUT: "Thank you, heap")

                   (SHOUT: "And the next one's for my website")

(Ricky takes another photo)

          Now its time for every one

(Ricky raises the blanket, offering his bed to her)

                  (SHOUT: "Now get under there and suck my cock, bitch")

          to go to sleep.

Phantom Voices: Night night

          Its time for bye bye

(The camera moves to Janet's room, where she sleeps)

                  (AP: Make obnoxious snores, the three stooges snore gets a good laugh as well)

          Its been a great day, thanks a heap

                  (SHOUT: "Thank you, heap")

(The camera passes Bert, still sitting on his bed)

                  (SHOUT: "Go to sleep, Bird Shit!") or

                   (SHOUT: "Nice job, Bert!") or

                   (SHOUT: "Once again, Bert Schnick!")

          Now its time

                  (AP: Clap your hands like you're trying to turn off a light with a "Clapper")

(The camera passes to Cosmo & Nation's bedroom, where Cosmo turns out the light, then spreads his arms wide as he approaches her in

                  (SHOUT: "Attack...of the roll-on deodorant!")

          for every one to go to sleep.

(The camera moves on to show Brad in his wheel chair in the cage, still rocking back and forth.)

                  (SHOUT/sing: "Harr E Kreesh Nah, Harr E Kreesh Nah...") or

                   (SHOUT: "Tell me about the lambs, Maurice")

(The camera moves on to the Audience passed out, asleep in their seats.)

                  (SHOUT: "It's an audience for Shock Treatment") or

                   (SHOUT: "It's an audience for Speed 2")