The "Ultimate"
Audience Participation Script
For Shock Treatment

Scene 22: Look What I Did To My ID

(Song: "Look What I Did To My Id")

(This song takes place in the wardrobe room)

                   (SHOUT: "What's your favorite Madonna song?")

Emily: Like a virgin, with an urgin, in a surgery

          I'll be swinging, I'll be bringing out the nurse in me

                   (Beavis & Butthead SHOUT: "Heh heh, she's got a nurse in her")

Harry: The art will start when I'm playin' my part

                   (ECHO: "...cuttin' a fart")

          As a healer who will steal your heart

(They rub noses)

                   (SHOUT: "Eskimos!")

Harry & Emily: Oh look what I did to my ID.

                    (ECHO: "Oh look what he did to her tit")

          Oh look what I did to my ID.

                    (ECHO: "Oh look what he did to her tit")

Cosmo: With neurosis in perfusion

                    (SHOUT: "I'm ready for my gynocologist appointment")

(Nation and Cosmo both put on rubber gloves)

Nation: And psychosis in your soul

                    (SHOUT: "I'm ready for my proctologist appointment")

Cosmo: Eliminate confusion

                    (SHOUT: "Too late")

Cosmo & Nation: And hide inside a brand new role!

                    (ECHO: "...toilet bowl")

Macy: Like a good time girl, I'm gonna try some new tricks

                    (ECHO: "Like a prostitute, I'm gonna find some new tricks")

Ralph: This could be the start of a whole new career

                    (SHOUT: "In electronics at ITT Tech") or

                    (SHOUT: "Not after this movie")

Macy: Got a deep plumb lipstick and some therapeutics

Ralph: This could take us to a town that's nowhere near here.

                    (SHOUT: "Watch those fingers") or

                    (SHOUT: "Denver" or any city choice)

(Ralphs hands roam her thigh)

(Scene shows Ansalong ripping her short shorter)

                    (SHOUT OVER next lines: "I got more hurt than you got skirt!")

Ansalong: Got some heart felt symptoms and I'm feeling sneaky

Ricky: Young male intern tall and handsome

Ansalong: Got my hems so high they'll think I'm being cheeky.

(Closeup on Ricky's face)

                    (SHOUT OVER next line: "Isn't that Ewan McGregor?")

                    (SHOUT response: "Looks like a young Obi Wan Kenobie to me")

Ricky: Legs like mine were really made for dancing

                    (ECHO: "made for shaving") then

                    (SHOUT: "What does Santa say after an orgasm?")

All: Woh oh oh!

                    (SHOUT: "What does Fat Albert say after an orgasm?")

Hey hey hey!

                    (SHOUT: "We're The Monkees")

(They dance, facing mirrors)

                    (SHOUT/sing: "They're just dancing with themselves")

Cosmo & Nation: When heavens in the music

                    (SHOUT: "This is the weirdest broadway musical I've ever seen")

          Hell is in control. The angel's got the voices

                    (SHOUT OVER: "Can you explain heavy metal?")

          but the Devil's got rock and roll!

All: We may look we're phony medics

          but we took our look from a book by Frederick's

          Oh look what I did to my ID

                    (SHOUT: "Here's lookin' at you, id")

          Look what I did to my ID.

                    (SHOUT: "Thanks for the audition, next!")