Officer Vance Parker


Seems to be the most popular policeman in Denton.  One would wonder if he were the only police man in Denton.  Has a fondness for cheerleaders, and several other "Denton Girls."  Loves parties.  It seems that he loves coffee because he is always seen at or near the coffee stand.  Is good friends with Kirk, the coffee seller.  He's an insomniac - he never sleeps.  Works the evening shift, the graveyard shift, the morning shift ... he never stops working.  The coffee must keep him awake.  Has great compassion for finding the owners of lost pets (i.e. Betty's bird).  (Source: Shock Treatment)


Unlike several of his Denton companions, Vance Parker never moved away to New York.  He stayed in Denton, where he still resides there today.  He has, however, traveled to New York City, on several occasions for an unknown reason.  The plane tickets were paid by an unknown person.  This would explain how someone recently saw him eating donuts inside a New York City donut shop as he chatted with a couple of New York police officers.  But overall, he seems to be quite happy in Denton.  Two days after Brad and Janet fled out of Denton, Vance Parker went into a public bathroom, entered a stall to do his business, and fell asleep.  He slept for 12 days.  When he woke up, most of his Denton companions had moved on.
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