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1.  Gender: Female
2.  Age: 31 (as of Feb 15, 2002)
3.  Country, City, StateIllinois, USA.  Personally: La Rochelle, France.
4.  Are you more of a Rocky Collector including Shock Treatment, or more of a Shock Treatment Collector?  Former.
5.  What Shock Treatment items are you most proud of owning? The 16mm trailer.
6.  What Shock Treatment items do you have duplicates of? I've got more than one Richard mask, but it's reserved as a prize in a future Crazed Imaginations contest (thanks, Sal!)
7.  What Shock Treatment items are you missing that you desperately are trying to get a hold of?  More costume photos.
8.  How long have you been collecting Shock Treatment items? Since the early '90s.
9.  What are your other hobbies or interests?  Rocky fanzine Crazed Imaginations consumes most of my free time.  Non-Rocky interests are ancient Egypt; history; good chocolate; vegetarian  cooking;  feminism; French and foreign languages (I am currently learning Chinese); spending way too much time on-line (though much of that is Rocky-related).
10.  Tell us a little about yourself. says most of what needs to be said.  I love my husband Wally very much and am currently living my dream of working in France.
11.  What links Shock or Rocky related do you like most? I'm partial to the Interactive Theater List ( ).  I run a fanzine and enjoy Rocky Horror audio, so I use Shawn McHorse's and (lots of good photos) a lot.  The Shock Treatment Network is probably my favorite Shocky site; there aren't very many, which I feel is a real shame.
12.  Do you have a website of your own? If so, what is the URL address (link)? (many thanks to Cosmo for the domain name)  I also run Crazed Imaginations On-Line (; thanks to Cosmo for the domain name again) and maintain the RHPS FAQ (, though I don't own it.
13.  Who's your favorite Shock Treatment character?  I suppose it's Nation.  She's fundamentally unpleasant and devious.  The finest fan performances I've seen, however, have been Emily Weiss, Janet Majors, and Brad Majors.  I have seen one very good fan performance of Nation, but the fan actress was perhaps a little too charming.
14.  What's your favorite Shock Treatment song?  "Shock Treatment"
15.  Which movie do you like better, Shock Treatment or Rocky Horror?  Rocky Horror.

COLLECTION INFORMATION (Things this person has in their collection)

  1.. ST Fan Club Welcome Letter & Membership Card
  2.. 20-30 Stills
  3.. 6-8 backstage candids
  4.. Lobby Card set
  5.. The RHPS Official Australian Magazine - Collector's Edition, 1982 with the ST profile in it
  6.. Mask "I'm a doctor"
  7.. 16mm Trailer
  8.. Key video
  9.. Re-release video (1993)
  10.. the 7" single
  11.. Soundtrack - CD
  12.. Soundtrack - Vinyl
  13.. Soundtrack - Vinyl, several copies including one with autographs from Nell/Quinn/&Ritz (20th anniv costume prize)
  14.. Songs from the Vaults (in15th box set on CD and cassette
  15.. Sinitta Renet single (don't remember which one)
  16.. Ad for Shock Treatment (came with red vinyl RHS soundtrack)
  17.. The Transylvanian, Vol. 1, #6 (Shock Treatment release issue)
  18.. Rocky Horror Treatment (video copy)
  19.. Home-made costume replica of Brad Costume
  20.. One-sheet poster
  21.. Brad & Janet Show script
  22.. The Screenplay (not the final version)
  23.. Press Kit
  24.. Black Denton Home of Happiness t-shirt
  25.. Creatures of the Night book
  26.. Creatures of the Night II book
  27.. Fangoria #15 (cut out of magazine)
  28.. Absolute O'Brien CD
  29.. Transexual Glamour CD
  30.. Nell's autograph, VIVE airline magazine
  31.. All of Nell's singles
  32.. Flipbook and button from Little Nell fan club
  33.. Meph Smith program, autographed
  34.. Transylvania 92 video (3 Meph Smith songs)
  35.. Absolute O'Brien, US and UK versions (1 autographed)
  36.. Absolute O'Brien poster, autographed
  37.. "Angel in Me" video (from Oglio)
  38.. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Stage Musical Programme, flyers
  39.. Richard O'Brien "Ghosts On Tape"
  40.. "Jubilee" - Starring Richard O'Brien/Little Nell
  41.. "Dark City" - Starring Richard O'Brien
  42.. "Women In The Background" By Barry Humphries
  43.. Barry McKenzie Holds His Own photo novel (Humphries, Nell)
I have a whole bunch of Richard O'Brien stuff (including the majority of
what he's done on video) and some Nell stuff, but consider that more part of
my Rocky collection.


43 items (as of 11-07-2001), no value established.