The Wardrobe Mistress

Wardrobe Mistress


The Wardrobe mistress, a woman of few words, but plenty of frowning, is in charge of all the costumes.  She is a chain smoker, very addicted.  Knows how to brown-nose the boss.  Hangs out sometimes with the make-up artist.  Gets easily annoyed with Bert Schnick.    (Source: Shock Treatment)


The Wardrobe Mistress, who bears a striking resemblance to someone in Janet's past (rumors suggest that she was a Transylvanian at the party the night Brad and Janet encountered Frank N Furter), quit her job, frustrated at all the hooplah.  She flipped Farley off the night that Brad and Janet fled Denton, and got in her car and drove away.  Some suggested she was following Brad and Janet (this is not confirmed).  Was spotted in 1999 in a New York City lesbian bar, kissing all over a woman named Pauline.
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